Frequently asked questions

No more struggling spending hours manually looking through hundreds of listings, with our one of a kind service we sort and send you the best leads we can find direct to your inbox. NO mismatches, items are researched on the day and stock levels are checked before sending out. Online arbitrage is an amazing business and with our help in sourcing, we can get you to where you need.

How many members will be on the list?

Most services similar to this cap there lists at 60+, we will cap ours at 25 being the lowest in the industry. 

What format do you provide the leads?

We provide our lists in Excel & PDF.

What categories are the leads in?

The main categories we research are toys, electronics and home etc..

What is your minimum ROI?

We work on anything 30% and above. 

Can I cancel anytime & get a refund?

Yes you can cancel at any point but we do NOT offer any refund due to this being a limited number service.

Do I have to sign up for a certain amount of time? 

No contracts. But I do ask a weeks notice to replace the space.

When are the leads sent out? 

Leads are sent out daily Mon-Fri 30+ a week. Might have the odd weekend list depending on deals.

Do you still have a question that we haven’t answered? 

Please contact us HERE

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