Selling on Amazon - FBA Tutorial



Head over to and sign up.

Here is a list of info you’ll need to register


Once you have completed all the registrations you’re going to want to start selling on Amazon. We do recommend you start with a min £300-£500. Finding items to sell on Amazon can be difficult so head over to our home page: with our service you will receive daily leads on what items you could look into buying and selling on Amazon for profit. FREE Trial Available.


Start buying items from the daily list. Spend what you can. Once you’re ready to ship your items into Amazon, Upload your listings using the Amazon web tool. Once all the items are listed convert them all to FBA listings. Follow Amazons steps prepare your box(s) print out labels.

4. Arrange for UPS to collect your items head over the UPS site click arrange collection add your tracking. (This is all pre-paid) Wait for collection.

5. Once you’ve sent your items wait for the items to go live can take anything from a few days to 2 weeks if during busy seasons (Christmas Q4). When the items go live sit back and wait for the sales to come rolling in. Amazon pay out every 2 weeks. Although you can request early payment.

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