How to Make Money Selling Online with Amazon


Want to know how to start your own profitable online business selling on Amazon? Then you need to know what Retail & Online Arbitrage Selling is. Arbitrage is simply the process of making money by buying products at a lower price and then reselling the same products on Amazon at a higher price for a profit. Retail arbitrage is the process of finding these product pricing differences in physical stores. While online arbitrage is simply the process of finding these products online.

Why Amazon and not Ebay or Craigslist or Gumtree?

Amazon allows third-party sellers to sell their own products on the Amazon website (in return for a sales commission). A third-party seller is literally anyone who has an item for sale and decides to sell it on Amazon. The beauty of the Amazon FBA service is that the seller is only responsible for getting the products to the Amazon warehouses. Amazon will then store your products until they sell. Once your item sells Amazon will then dispatch the item and look after any complaints, refunds or after sales service. This means unlike Ebay or Craigslist or Gumtree you don’t have to bother carrying packages to the post office to mail once an item sells or deal with refunds or collecting money. Amazon will do the work for you! As the seller all you have to do is find the products. Think that is hard? Think again! Simply subscribe to our daily leads and get fresh recommendations of products to buy and resell on Amazon for a profit. It is seriously that easy! Perhaps though you have always dreamed about living the laptop life and running your business from anywhere in the world and outsourcing the work to virtual assistants. Learn how to automate your business and hire virtual assistants with this free guide to hiring Virtual Assistants or “VAs” here. Don’t want to have your house cluttered with stock waiting to be sent into Amazon? Learn how you can have your products that you purchased through our leads service delivered to product preparation centres so you never even have to touch the products with this free guide here. For more free Amazon training head over to the guys at Make Money Whilst Sleeping who have loads of free blogs to help you to completely automate your business and have it run on autopilot! Or if listening is more your style, check out their Business hacker Podcast which is specifically designed for UK and European Sellers which you can access here: The podcast is easy to listen to and interviews successful European Amazon sellers to breakdown how they have achieved success both in UK, Europe and the US. Learn from case studies detailing how sellers have gone about achieving success building a brand on and off Amazon and choosing products to sell. As always hope this has been of value and may the sales keep rolling in!

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