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Amazon FBA Prep UK Services – What You Need to Know 1st

April 9, 2017

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Amazon FBA Sourcing List UK - FBA Leads UK

May 30, 2017

Before we begin please take a look at our amazon sourcing service click here


Amazon FBA Sourcing List UK

Let’s dive right in and talk about sourcing lists. Personally I would say one of the best ways of sourcing is using a list. Why?


Well the main reason for me is I don’t have to spend any time sourcing, I know you can get software now to help you, but does it really help?


I mean you still have to spend hours of each day sourcing. The main objective I would say when I’m building up a business is to finally have the business so it can run automatically. Now if you’re spending hours of each day looking for items to sell on Amazon for a profit then you’re not going to have time to spread your wings and look into other businesses models.


Now something else I would like to touch on is I see too many people  trying to source only the top 1% items with £10 profit if you plan on sourcing like this you won’t get further than the people sourcing top 2/3% with a min profit of 3/£4, for example if you went to look at buying from a wholesaler you’ll probably quickly find out it’s not actually very profitable and the items that are profitable if you find any are in the top 5%+. Using a sourcing list really is one of the best methods.


Now for people starting out in the FBA business you will need to buy a little smarter unless you’re starting with a big cash injection. I would advise people starting out to maybe look through the lists carefully do a little research and select items that are faster selling profit can still be 3/£4 minimum but you want to turn it over fast so you can put all that money back into stock at the end of the month. Maybe stick to items under 60/70,000 rank.


Now if you’re looking for a FBA Sourcing List in the UK please take a look here: