Amazon FBA Prep UK Services – What You Need to Know 1st

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You’re probably starting to think you need a prep centre so you can grow your business and free up some extra time for other projects. One of the most time consuming things of the Amazon FBA business is prepping and sourcing (we have you covered on sourcing ;).

What is an FBA Prep Service?

What we mean by this is somewhere we can send our goods to get prepared for us, saving us that boring task of de-labelling and barcoding items ready to be sent in to Amazon. A lot of us will be doing this ourselves but if you want to move on and grow you really need to be looking at outsourcing this process it is way too time consuming.

What will a UK FBA Prep Service do and how much will it cost?

If we dive deeper in to what a prep centre actually does you’ll find they will do almost anything I will list most of the stuff prep UK services do:

  1. Inspect your items on arrival

  2. Labelling

  3. Create Multipacks if needed

  4. Poly bag

  5. Shrink Wrap

  6. Stick/Price Tag remover

  7. Shipping boxes

  8. Expiry date & suffocation stickers

  9. Organise the shipment to be sent

So when you look at that list you really have nothing left to do yourself. This is why it’s important to be working towards this point. You’ll probably be thinking when is the right time to do this and the answer is there really is no right answer obviously I wouldn’t do it straight away you need to build the business up. But let’s just say when you start to get feed up of prepping the items yourself.

Regarding prices for fba prep. It does vary on which services are needed it can start from £0.30p up to and over £1.00 per item on average I’d say around 50/60p an item.

Addition Services provided

Now prep centres can offer additional services such as customer returns you can re-call any returns you have on Amazon and they will inspect the items re-send the items back in if any good or destroy if not re-sellable. If you don’t need any prep services they can also act as a shipping forwarder. Finally some centre will allow you to store items for an extra charge. These are the most popular additional services they are normally very accommodating if you need anything just email them I’m sure they will be happy to help.

What prep centre to use in the UK?

Well when it comes down to prep centres in the UK you are very limited to choice. I think we have 3 to choose from in total but one of those I’ve had no feedback on yet. I would suggest looking at FBA Ship UK, FBA Prep UK & Konnexus. Now Konnexus is the one I’ve not heard much about if I was to recommend one it would FBA Ship UK (by Devon Kellar)But please do remember with only having 2/3 prep centres in the UK they can become very overrun and you may find them slow especially at the Q4 period. I suggest you get in early and test them out yourself.

Hope you enjoyed this bit of information.

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