FBA Wizard Pro Vs Tactical Arbitrage – Online Sourcing Tools

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How many supported retailers?

Tactical Arbitrage: 500+ UK & USA

FBA Wizard Pro: 400+ UK & USA

Search Function

With FBA Wizard Pro you have the category presets built in unlike with TA you will have to open the retailers link find the category you want and add the link into the TA search, but there is a plus side with TA you can create a large excel sheet fill it with all the sites and categories you want to search and leave it to do its thing. Wizard has something similar but it’s all built in (no excel sheet needed) you can create a list of retailers you want to search but it has a limit of 15 (currently). Now both have plenty of filters built in so you can narrow your searches right down to exactly what you’re looking for. I.e. – BSR rank, ROI%, Min Profit, OOS items and so on.

Scan wholesale list

Both sourcing tools have this function, so if your wholesaler sends you a csv file with all their stock on it these tools can search the list for you and pull out all the profitable items. Finding wholesale deals can be harder than finding deals from online retails. Making this a very handy feature to have.


Having tested both these tools ourselves we would have to say that tactical arbitrage is faster at brining back results. But this might be because most their users are US based and during UK mornings very few US sellers are searching.


Regarding accuracy we can’t give this to either both has a lot of mismatches you will have to crawl through the results to find the best matches. Some of you might find this frustrating as you have limited time to research items.

Extra Features

FBA Wizard has plenty of extra features including the ability to search for items to sell on eBay not only that it has a feature were that helps you find private label products to sell on Amazon these to features are currently not available on TA.

I don’t want to make this a long boring blog these are just a few comparisons between Wizard & TA, no one is better than the other it’s down to your own personal preference.

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