What to Do When Your Amazon FBA Account Gets Suspended

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The Next Step When Your Amazon Account Gets Suspended

Amazon FBA is growing massively so many new sellers are joining and moving over from eBay. So if more people are joining, naturally more people are going to get suspended, and at the moment there is a lot of suspensions going on. These suspensions will come out of know where and you'll need to be prepared. Tip keep all your receipts for purchases

Suspension - This means your fate hasn't been decided and you still have a chance to appeal. You will need to keep all proof of purchases. And normally when you send in your proof and if they deny it for some reason, don't forget you can resubmit and try different proof or receipts.

Normally these are the reason for Amazon suspensions:

1. Amazon will take a look at your performance and notice it isn't up to scratch.

2. An item you are selling is a restricted item.

3. For some reason you've violated Amazons policies. Amazon are strict with their rules

Don't consider opening a new account it's against Amazons TOS

Preventing a suspension:

Don't think because you're a big seller or a really good seller with great feedback you wont be suspended Amazon don't care they are hard to play ball with.

Amazon may send you a warning saying your performance isn't great, get in touch with them tell them you're working on boosting your performance ask for any tips. They like to see you take action.

Tip= FBA sellers should make sure that all old listings are closed or archived.

Appealing against your suspensions:

When appealing make sure you identify the reasons you got suspended take responsibility and tell them you're happy to fix the issue. Big them up keep Amazon happy even if they really P***** you off.

I've been told if you have been restricted due to allegedly selling fake or counterfeit items they will want a proper invoice and have a list of things that the invoice should be, if you purchased from a retailer try the invoice you got from them but it might not work, if this is the case you might want to look at finding a wholesaler purchasing a few of the items getting the correct invoice. (you might want to also try printing your receipt or invoice off and taking a picture of it and not sending them a digital copy of the invoice because sometimes they don't like this. Go into this with a plan.

In future look at having more than one income stream because things like this happen all the time.

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